BIOTOPE Editions


Since 1996, Biotope publishes books on wildlife, and natural history, The best known of them are published in the Parthenope collection.

In order to make these books more widely available to the public, a distribution network was progressively set up : partner bookshops, large national networks, naturalist's associations and academic societies all contribute to make its publications known, in France and elsewhere. Today, books can even be ordered online on the Biotope online bookshop.
Biotope's vision does not stop at the sale of its own material, It also aims to foster publication of natural history books in French in general, and helps other publishers to distribute and promote their own production. Biotope thus created the service Biotope Diffusion, which proposes to its customers material from other publishers recognized for the quality of their production.
Biotope developed in this context a partnership with the MNHN (French National Museum of Natural History) of Paris. The online catalogue, includes the 'Natural Heritage' and 'Archives' collections, from this prestigious institution.


Biotope also contributes to the distribution of ultrasound detection and recording instruments from Wildlife acoustics.