Second edition update (French version only; 2014)

The second edition of "Acoustic Ecology of European Bats was released in March 2014. It incorporates numerous corrections and updates (text, Excel and sound files) available on this website. The book includes 344 and is bound between soft covers (a band at the top of cover page 1 specifies the edition) ; the DVD contains 294 sound files (e. g. 68 heterodyned and 221 in time expansion x 10) and 9 Excel files for identification.

The print run of 250 copies was sold out 7 months later in September 2014.

General warning :

The updates are deposited on this website in order to refresh the contents of a dense book, that explains a complex scientific method using a step-by-step approach. It is therefore vitally important not to separate the update files, from their context in the main text. This could lead to oversimplifications and misinterpretations in the methodology as well as in species identifications. All the files proposed can be freely downloaded ; but please do not forget to cite the source of the information in your work.


Text updates :

The updates are proposed as amendments (additional text to complete a given section) or corrections (text to replace a portion of the original text that was found to be inaccurate or incomplete, as a list in the “Modifications file” or as a separate file). The exact place of insertion of amendments and corrections in the book is always specified.

– « Edition2_Modifications-20_13mai2022 »

– « Edition3_Addendum1_janvier2019_P-kuhlii_signaux-sigmoides »

– « Edition3_Addendum2_fevrier2019_descrition-habitat_classification-especes »

− Fichier du DVD ; folder « SONS » ; sub-folder « 3_Expansion de temps x 10 ») : « Commentaires_séquences_expansion x 10_mars2019 »

Excel files updates (identification graphs) :

Updates are proposed as replacement graphs amended by new signal analyses or with correction of possible errors. The entire file is renewed and replaces the previous version.

see “4th edition updates

New : a web version (signed Roland Jamault) to use the identification graphs:

Sound files updates :

Sound sequences (.wave standard) are proposed for downloading when helpful for clarification of amendments to the text. To download : on play page, click with the right mouse button then select “Save as”.

DVD3 : expansion de temps x 10 :

– « 95a_B-barbastellus_alt-typeBfort_Creuse_juin2014©S-Giosa »

– « 166a_abs-am-moy_M-mystacinus_Puy-de-Dome_septembre2014 »

– « 192a_M-myotis_Creuse_juillet2014 »

– « 036a_QFC&FM-fausse-alt_V-murinus_Hte-Savoie_aout2018©JF-Desmet » (uploaded in Juanary 2019)

– « 173b_FMsigmoide_P-kuhlii_Correze_aout2017©J-Vittier » (uploaded in Juanary 2019)

– « 173c_FMsigmoide_P-kuhlii_Maine&Loire_juillet2015©L-Bellion » (uploaded in Juanary 2019)